'You're standing here,
a ghost among many...
dressed in the clothing of death
but fighting for some truth of life.
Some things here
you can't understand.
Too much to take all at once...
too much to let go.
Too much left to say,
but all that can listen now is the rain
and the shadows falling on this place.
Acceptance, now, is harder to give than ever.
And you stare at these empty holes
with an even emptier heart.
For what you've lost
is what you didn't think you could lose.
But how do you explain that
to a heart drowned in darkness?
So much left unsaid,
so many regrets.
Too many words,
too many tears to count.
But enough to know you were wrong...
wrong about tomorrow,
wrong about today.
Wrong about you always having 'that',
always holding 'it' by your side.
'It' lays now
hidden beneath dirt, grass, stone, rain...
leaving you standing in silence
with a heart full of what-ifs and whys.
And even as another today
and another tomorrow comes along,
still there it is...
the emptiness, the lonliness, the regret.
And the cold, cruel, empty rain
pounding on your memories
every time you realize
that you were wrong...'